Beg Me Angel

July 12, 2017

Product Description
I never asked to have her, but now she’ll have to beg me to let her go.

All I wanted was to be left alone, to be free from the past that tried to consume me.
Until I found her beaten and left for dead in my woods.
I never expected to see a young girl curled up in the brush, covered in dirt and bruises. She was so innocent and helpless.
So I brought her home, I helped her, I took care of her. . .
I saved her.
When the dirt came off I saw nothing but woman. Her figure was full and needy, her lush lips were tempting and ready to taste my c**k.
Everything about her made me want her for myself.
And when she told me she was a virgin, that was enough to seal her fat… More >>

Beg Me Angel

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