Bob Dylan the Song Writer and Music Master of His Time

            Without a doubt, Bob Dylan is the absolute master of both poetry and music of our time.  His talent shines no matter if he is singing rock and roll, the blues, or the folk songs which granted him success and fame in his early years.  He has that oh-so-rare ability to reach and hold listeners, while engaging them in thought with his on-point, intelligent lyrics.

Getting his start during the tumultuous 1960’s, he successfully combined rock and roll with folk and country music. Like so many artists of that era, his lyrics branded him a renegade by those in authority, while increasing his popularity with the young or hip people of his generation. 

Born in 1941, he learned to play the piano and harmonica before he was eleven years old.  A year later he acquired a used guitar and started teaching himself to play.  Dylan’s appreciation for traditional folk music probably began throughout his teen years, when, as a fan of Hank Williams and Roy Orbison, he couldn’t get enough of their music and even copied their styles while teaching himself the guitar.

By1964, Dylan’s status as genius was confirmed with his songs, “Blowin’ In The Wind,” and “The Times They Are A Changin,” which so obviously reflected the politics of the time.  His popularly increased when, inspired by the Beatles, he moved from folk music to folk/rock and roll with “Hey Mr. Tambourine Man,” which went to number one on the weekly greatest hits list.  With this accomplishment, Dylan’s fate as one of the best song writers of our time, was confirmed.

One year later he visited the U.K. in his first music tour.  After returning, he had a huge hit with “Like A Rolling Stone.”   Not soon after that, in 1966 Dylan suffered serious injuries from a motorcycle accident.  He dropped out of life for almost two years while recovering.  Still practicing and rehearsing with his band which he later called, “Big Pink,” he slowly re-entered the music scene, playing to audiences who were hungry for anything Bob Dylan.  The first small release of music since the accident was called, “The Basement Tapes;” while very informal, to the point of being almost home made, because he was Dylan, they were unintentionally, very successful.   The first formal release following the motorcycle crash was called “John Wesley Harding,” which was a folk/country music album. 

            Less consistent during the 1970’s and 1980’s, Dylan produced several albums in varying styles.  The most notable album, “Street Legal,” produced in 1978, had lyrics that were concerned with themes of mysticism.  He also produced his song, “Hurricane,” in which he sings of protests, which he had not done since the sixties.  While not a total marketing failure, these were only really appreciated by die hard Dylan fans.  The 80’s were not Dylan’s familiar 1960’s.

            While filling in the gaps between album releases, Dylan produced a traveling road show called, “The Rolling Thunder Revue.”  Some of the cast included such notables as  Joan Baez, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, just to name a few.  These productions were considered to moderatly successful by the music industry’s business professionals.  (No one could ever acuse him of selling out; financially successful or not, he sang from the heart.)

            Still discovering new territory, in 1979 he began producing Christian music with his albums:  “Slow Train Coming” and “Saved” and “Shot of Love.”  In the 1980’s he was still changing direction and produced lyrics which were reflecting the current political climate with these albums, “Infidels” and “Empire Burlesque.”

            In 1988, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The presenter was Bruce Springsteen, who spoke about how he was influenced by Dylan, stating, “Bob Dylan freed your mind the same way that Elvis freed your body.” 

            The 1990’s saw him producing his first new album in years, featuring cameos from George Harrison, Elton John, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Bruce Hornsby.  He has dabbled throughout recent years, without any defined goal, always performing from the heart.

            In 2005, he did produce The Best of Bob Dylan album with Sony.  This awesome collection features the 16 songs he is best known for.  Almost every year since, Dylan continues to tour, sharing his music with new and old fans alike.  In 2012, President Obama presented him with the Medal of Freedom – considered to be the most prestigious and highest medal of honor among civilians. 

            Bob Dylan.  Legend.


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Bob Dylan – Lyrics: 1962-2001

This collection contains Bob Dylan’s lyrics, from his first album, Bob Dylan, to 2001’s “Love and Theft.”

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Happy Traum Teaches Seven Classic Bob Dylan Songs

  • Song list:”Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right””Blowin’ in the Wind””I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight””I Pity the Poor Immigrant””Buckets of Rain””Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You””Farewell”Includes music and tablatureArtist: Bob DylanAuthor: Happy TraumSeries: Homespun TapesPublisher: HomespunDVD – tablature2 hours, 45 minutes5″ W x 8″ L

Songs: Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right; Blowin’ in the Wind; I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight; I Pity the Poor Immigrant; Buckets of Rain; Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You; Farewell. Happy Traum’s long association with Bob Dylan makes him the perfect instructor to teach these seven Dylan favorites. In nearly three hours of in-depth guitar instruction, he helps you build guitar skills while passing along his unique historical insights and first-hand perspective on the music. Happy shows novice guitarists the basic chords for each of these classic songs, then brings his arrangements to life with movable chord shapes, bass runs, harmony lines and other nuances that will add distinction to everything you play. Each song features a different fin

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If Dogs Run Free

Music icon Bob Dylan and acclaimed illustrator Scott Campbell team up in this delightful interpretation of Dylan’s 1970 song, “If Dogs Run Free”!If dogs run free,
Why not we?

In this quirky, spirited interpretation of Bob Dylan’s 1970 song, “If Dogs Run Free,” illustrator Scott Campbell brings Dylan’s lyrics to life as a celebration of the freedom and creativity of childhood. Children of all ages will delight in the message, “Just do your thing!”


Bob Dylan – The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration [VHS]

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