Explore the World By Reading Biographies

3 Levels of Book History to Consider




The first thing to remember is that writing was not always done for entertainment. In fact, many ancient cultures utilized an oral tradition, passing along stories and information through communication that was not written down. It was not until later in the ages that people started to write for the purpose of entertainment and instruction. The purpose of language in a tangible form is one of the biggest components of all society, and is no wonder people still learn, and live with this traditional methodology.


Perhaps the biggest influence of cultural readings was that of the Bible. Whether you’re religious or not, it doesn’t matter, you will have to give credit to the biblical record for influencing innovations in the printing press and beyond. Before the mass production of this religious text, it was seemingly impossible to have books on a large scale. It’s only after Gutenberg’s printing press that we see a major influx in literacy rates go up. Even though some skeptics disagree, few scholars will deny the influence of the bible’s printing in regards to the history of books as a whole.


The next major phase that you’ll need to consider if you’re going to study the historical context of reading and writing is that of the electronic devices that are coming out. EBooks are starting to take the place of the physical manuscript, and that’s due in large part to how fast technology moves. Not since the printing press has there been much innovation in regards to book printing, and while there are new techniques to make it faster, it cannot compare to the ease of use of electronic books and devices that can hold thousands at a time.


The above levels of historical context are brief and generalized. It becomes a very arduous task to compile enough data to fully paint a picture of reading and writing into one article, but one thing is for sure, the written word is not going to die anytime soon



Books are amazing gifts; in fact these are great investments when it comes to learning and getting around. Theodore Geisel (or Dr Seuss for some) takes a realistic view on book reading when he says that “the more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn the more places you’ll go.” this means one thing- you’ll definitely learn and go places when you read. And when it comes to reading, some of the common selections for many people are the books about fantasy and love stories. These are the ones that inspire and make your heart beat faster than usual. You will love reading these books, but keep in mind that there are other types of books that are worthy of your time and attention. Just take the case of the biographies- the books that tell the story of famous men and women who helped shaped the world, thinking and redefined the way we live. If you plan to rediscover your love for reading, then make it a point to shop for biographies.

Reasons Why You Should Read Biographies

You will find a number of reasons and motivations why you should start reading biographies. For starters, these books will allow you to take on the world with the giants leading you. By reading these biographies, you get to see the world in a more expansive manner, not limited by your own personal standing and principles. With biographies, you will get to learn that there’s more to life than what you know and you can do more.

By reading biographies, you will understand that history can repeat itself. We owe it to George Santayana when he immortalized this observation. Indeed, history will repeat itself even those

things that happened to great people. What happened to the great people can also happen to ordinary people. When you read these biographies, you will be given the hope that you can also have your own grand time soon.

Leading Biographies You Can Add To Your Library

You will find a number of biographies that can serve as your inspiration in life. but when you shop for biographies, then it doesn’t mean that you only need to get those that are popular and based on the lives of famous men and women who have dominated the headlines of the past. You can also rely on other biographies of other people, ordinary in their own right but popular in the eyes of many. ‘Team of Rivals’ is one biography that doesn’t get much attention from other readers. This is a multiple biography that puts the focus on Lincoln’s mastery of individuals and how this influenced the presidency of Lincoln. ‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power’ is another interesting political biography.

There are different kinds of biographies, and it pays to expand your taste. Don’t just focus on one subject; learn to discover the world by reading biographies. When you are ready to learn, then better start shopping online and change your perspective in life.


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